FLEA & TICK REPELLENT    health blend


In many areas, fleas & ticks are a serious problem, and both can transmit diseases that may be a threat not only to your pets, but your human family as well.*

Persistent itching from flea bites can drive your animal wild. Constant scratching or chewing to relieve the itch may contribute to hot spots which can then become infected.*

Tick bites can transmit Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to both animals and humans. Both of these diseases can be serious, or even fatal, to your and your pet's health.*

This formula is safe and effective when used as directed.*

Not To Be Used With:

Cats: due to their highly sensitive metabolic systems; their livers cannot metabolize terpenes.*

Fish and Reptiles: due to their pH levels and aquatic environment.*

Birds: due to their respiratory and metabolic systems.*

Rodents & small mammals (gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, rats, etc.): there is not enough research on the use of Essential Oils with these animals to determine a safe use.*


PIP | LABEL | 2-Ounce
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safe & effective against fleas & ticks when used as directed*


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