FULVIC ACID MINERAL DROPS    essential biominerals


A naturally occurring organic compound, Fulvic Acid is created when beneficial microbes work on decomposing plants in soil that has adequate oxygen. It is one of the best natural electrolytes known to man, and has been found to be an essential component in the metabolic process of living cells.*

Fulvic Acid is a powerful detoxifying agent that permeates cell membranes and binds to toxins and heavy metals, helping to effectively eliminate them from your body. It also assists with improving the absorption of nutrients into cells.*

Individual bottles of Fulvic Acid are not eligible for the Buy 3 Get 1 Free special.


PIP | COA | LABEL | STUDIES | 192 Servings {4oz} & 48 Servings {1oz}

Naturally organic and free of man-made chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides.*


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