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Take Your First Step To Living Inflammation Free

Take Your First Step To
Living Inflammation Free

We all have an unseen, unknown health crisis happening in our bodies every day, at every moment.
Its name is chronic inflammation and it appears connected to every known chronic disease.

Pure, Potent Full Spectrum Hemp

Pure, Potent
Full Spectrum Hemp

Proudly farmed in Kentucky, the hemp capital of the world.
Our Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil is is never imported or made from isolates.
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Gift Card Marketing Program

Gift Card

If you can give away a gift card...
You can be successful with Heart & Body Naturals!
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Hemp Herbals Value Pack

Value Pack

The Hemp Herbals Value Pack is the perfect pack to launch
your business with product on-hand to sample and retail to others.
$419.70 Savings!
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Healing Trilogy Value Pack

Value Pack

The Healing Trilogy Value Pack is the perfect
value pack for families, friends, and retailing locally
$429.55 Savings!
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Family Essentials Value Pack

Family Essentials
Value Pack

The Family Essentials Value Pack
contains 10 essential oils and blends
that belong in every medicine cabinet.
$345.00 Savings!
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Weight Loss Value Pack


The Weight Loss Value Pack is perfect for personal use,
hosting weight loss challenges, and retailing locally.
$351.70 Savings!
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Go Clean & Lean Weight Loss Challenge

Go Clean & Lean
Weight Loss Challenge

With a pHresh new perspective you can win the battle
to a slimmer and healthier you!
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Do This For You

Do This For You

Inflammation is the behind-the-curtain factor in obesity and
so many diseases. By the time most people are 25 they have
chronic inflammation brewing in one or more places of their body.

Customer-Driven Success


We know the first, best step to building a business that supplements
your income is developing a foundation of customers.

Hemp Herbals

Simply Hemp. Simply Better.

Healing Trilogy

Take Your First Step To Living Inflammation Free

Complementary Products

Great For Kids Of All Ages

Weight Loss Products

You Have Just One Body

Essential Oils

100% Pure Aromatherapy For Family & Home

What Our Customers Say

I love MIND. I sleep so much better! No more prescription sleep meds for me.

Donna T.

I've tried many nootropic supplements over the years with different results. The ingredients are similar to other products I've tried, but this company must have high-quality sources for their ingredients. I recommend MIND highly.

Heather B.

Take one shot every morning on an empty stomach. As a middle-aged athlete this has been a great anti-inflammatory. I haven't had to take any Advil despite training almost daily in about... 3 months. That's how long I've been doing BODY shots.

Michael S.

BODY is a great product if you are looking to increase your nitric oxide level. One thing I have noticed is that if I take it at night, I always wake up with a flat stomach. I take 2 shots of this product twice daily and I don't plan on missing a day.

John H.

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HBN Products Are Cruelty-Free