PAIN    magnesium lotion


More than just a sensation of minor to extreme discomfort, pain is a contributing factor to a number of serious conditions including depression and anxiety. Often referred to as the "fifth vital sign", pain can be a clinical barometer for what's going on with your health.*

The use of magnesium in pain management is becoming more popular, and research studies have revealed conclusive proof that magnesium is an effective tool in pain management. People with magnesium deficiency may exeperience muscle spasms, cramps, restless sleep, fatigue, muscle weakness, and other symptoms. A new study shows that magnesium supplementation can be extremely effective in the treatment of chronic lower back pain.*

Pain Magnesium Lotion is designed for convenient, optimal topical absorption of magnesium, bypassing the GI tract with no unpleasant laxative effect. Pain Magnesium Lotion can soothe sore muscles, cramps, fatigue, and stress. Its unique formulation includes essential oils, and it has a calming effect on both the body and mind.*


PIP | LABEL | 4-Ounce
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one teaspoon of pain magnesium lotion contains approximately 300mg of magnesium*


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