RAHAB    women of the bible blend


One of the most amazing and thought provoking women of the Old Testament, Rahab, a prostitute, earned unique praise for her faith and a place in the lineage of Jesus the Messiah. Rahab did not let her circumstances keep her from dreaming of a different life; a life of respect, love and family. When God presented Rahab with a way out of her life of shame and degradation and the chance to be part of his people, she took it.*

Rahab blend is formulated to increase your faith and connection to God, and knowledge that your life can change and what you most desire can be fulfilled. It doesn't matter what label the world gives you, it matters what's in your heart and who you and God know you to be.*


PIP | LABEL | 10ml
$35 00

Creates a feeling of courage, faith, strength, and personal power.*


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