CALM FOR PETS    health blend


Unfortunately, trauma frequently happens to animals... from pets to farm animals to animals in the wild. Severe trauma may be experienced through accidents, extensive surgery, life-threatening attack from another animal or human, or some other distressing event. Physical trauma is always accompanied by emotional and energy field trauma.*

This blend can help an animal let go of fear it's holding, feel more grounded, and able to move beyond a traumatic event to experience life again. This very physically relaxing blend can help restore peace and allow the body-mind to accept healing.*

Not To Be Used With:

Cats: due to their highly sensitive metabolic systems; their livers cannot metabolize terpenes.*

Fish and Reptiles: due to their pH levels and aquatic environment.*

Birds: due to their respiratory and metabolic systems.*

Rodents & small mammals (gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, rats, etc.): there is not enough research on the use of Essential Oils with these animals to determine a safe use.*


PIP | LABEL | 10ml
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helps an animal let go of fear it may be holding and feel more grounded*


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