Holiday Specials

The following holiday specials are now available.

Forest Bathing Gift Set

This sensuous gift set surrounds you with the aroma of the old forests, leaving you immersed in nature to boost mental and physical wellbeing. Experimental studies have shown that aromatic compounds (essential oils) produced from trees can lower the production of stress hormones, reduce anxiety, and increase your pain threshold; when inhaled, aromatic plant essential oils increase the antioxidant defense system in the human body. We invite you to "bathe in the Deep Green forest".*

Includes: Deep Green Aromatherapy Shower Spray {4oz}, Deep Green Essential Oil Blend {10ml}, and a Deep Green Aromatherapy Body Mister {2oz}

$39.95 | PIP

Christmas Gift Set

We invite you to bring the beauty of the holiday season to your home & family with our Christmas Collection featuring four exclusive blends by Alexandria Brighton.

Includes: Country Christmas {5ml}, Red Velvet {5ml}, Saint Nicholas {5ml}, and Wishes & Dreams {5ml}.

$69.00 | PIP

Country Christmas

For many, the holiday season starts with putting up the Christmas tree. Back when most trees were real, your home became immersed in the fresh fragrance given off by the tree. No matter what variety, they all had an incredibly fresh, piney scent that everyone finds uplifting. This would inspire the making of cookies and pies and soon that long-awaited holiday smell we were all anxious for had arrived... the smell of the Christmas tree intertwined with the sweet and spicy cookies. The Christmas in the country from our fond childhood memories can be recreated using the Country Christmas essential oil blend.

$27.00 | PIP | 5ml

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a soft, warm, senuous blend full or romance and unconditional love. It reminds us not to take love for granted and to tell those we love, "I love you". Sweet, senuous and elegant, this blend is the perfect personal fragrance for the holiday season; you'll feel yourself surrounded by love. Share Red Velvet with those you love. Love is precious, love is gentle; it looks for the good in everyone, and it multiplies the more you give it away.

$27.00 | PIP | 5ml

Saint Nicholas

A blend of essential oils that represents the heart of Saint Nicholas and his ability to give unselfishly of himself to bring joy and happiness into the lives of others. Use this blend to bring the true meaning of Christmas into your home all year long.

$27.00 | PIP | 5ml

Wishes & Dreams

Christmas has always been a season of miracles. A time when the child within all of us, young and old, once again believes in the "impossible" being made possible. Use this blend and remember you have the power to reach out to someone in need this holiday season and make their wishes and dreams come true. And in the process, you may experience a miracle or two of your own. This blend contains the very first Christmas gifts, Frankincense and Myrrh. And what a Christmas miracle they must have been to a poor carpenter, his wife, and newborn son, as they were worth more than gold. This blend is truly a gift.

$27.00 | PIP | 5ml