Launching your business is not about doing just one thing. It's about launching your business by marketing - and continuing to market - consistently. Every day.

Below you will find multiple ways to launch your business i.e. market. You will want to do all of them, and again, do all of them consistently every day. Some will require you to learn new skills, and some you can just do with no learning at all. The key is the consistency of your marketing.

No Marketing Equals No Money.

  • When launching a business, you want to get in front of the most people in the least amount of time.

  • You've Got Mail!

    You might be tempted to skip this old school marketing method, but don't. Unlike email, people read their mail and they love to get mail, especially today when it's rare to hear from someone with an actual letter in your mailbox. Mail ten or more of these letters each week.

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  • These are people you can ask to help you by giving you feedback on your product, and they will order just because they want to help you. You can help them by offering them a $25.00 gift card.

  • Network Marketing is a person-to-person to business. While many people don't like that aspect, especially in the digital age, the reality is that it's the personal touch that sells the products and business, and retains customers and business builders. Having a weekly same-time, same-day party at your house where people can try product and have fun is one of the most proven ways to grow your customer base and business.

    Who Do You Know?

    Identifying your contacts is one of the most effective exercises in building a successful business. Your list of contacts is who you will
    start with when sharing the Heart & Body Naturals products and opportunity.

    Click to download Building Your Contact List Worksheet
    Click to download Memory Jogger Worksheet

    Product Information

    Every HBN product has a Product Information Page (PIP) that can be downloaded and printed. PIPs can be located on each individual product's web page, or in the HBN Library section of your Back Office.

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