Tips For Marketing On Social Media

  1. Please understand that unless you already have a large following on social media it may take time for you to be able to build with social media.
  2. Marketing on social media takes time and is something you must do consistently to be successful at doing.
  3. The people who are the most successful at building their business with social mesia are VERY open with what is going on in their life. They do daily live videos 3 to 5 times a week on products and business, however, the rest of the time they share personal stuff about themselves, their relaltionships, their friendships, their families, their struggles, etc.

  • Branding yourself and how to create content.

  • Using Facebook Groups to share your content, enroll new members, and share information with them using the corporate FB group and the A(add) - T(tag) - M(message) system.

  • Networking, marketing, and sales groups can help you advance your business.

  • A detailed look at building your business using the A(add) - T(tag) - M(message).

  • Tips for making great Facebook videos that engage your audience.

  • Putting everything into action.

    Social Media Video Launch Formula

    • 1st video - Talking about WHY you joined the company and/or are maketing the products
    • 2nd video - Unboxing your order(s) and sharing the benefits/solutions of the products
    • 3rd video - Sharing the results you're having (how the product(s) works, how the business is going, etc.)

    This is a formula that can be repeated every week to grow your business.

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